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I39.ve spent so much time building crawlers and bots to work with expired domains over the past couple years. Since then. I39.ve crawled tens of millions of web pages and have found tens of thousands of expired domains and now many BST sellers have started learning to find and sell their own expired domain names.
For those on a budget. I39.ve made a 23 minute guide for you to learn to do this yourself. I share a lot of random knowledge on the way. but if you39.re just starting out. I39.m sure you39.ll find some parts helpful. I talk quickly and mumble. so by no means am I promising anything
Basically I search through and parse a few hundred domain names. checking them for spam with a full commentary of opinions.
Anyways. enjoy the free knowledge and as always. ask questions below if you have any!


PS: I initially thought this would conflict business interests by teaching people how to do it themselves. but since my methods are so much more advanced. I decided it actually wouldn39.t.

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