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Kickstarter is a very popular platform to get financial funding to start some projects. so I think it is important to analyze the results people have obtained to be able to better profit from it.
The data can be found here there were 677.541 projects analyzed starting in 2015 up to 2018. here is the analysis.
Lets see what countries are the ones with the biggest number of projects:

Another Graph to better see all the countries involved:

We can see that 78% are from the USA. 8.81 from Great Britain and the rest of the countries have a really small participation on this platform.
Each project is categorized by categories and subcategories so let39.s see what are the categories that contain the biggest number of projects:

Films. Music and Publishing are by far the biggest categories. let39.s take a look at the sub categories to better understand the projects that are posted here and are the most successful

Now there is a clearer view of what exactly are the projects posted the most on the platform. Product design. documentaries. music. Tabletop games. shorts and video games are the one that cover this requirement.
Now the fact that those categories are the ones with the biggest number of projects may not result in the categories with the most success. defining success as the projects with the most money collected. this point take us to the next graph. that explains what were the categories that collected the biggest amount of money.

The above diagram shows us that the top 5 categories that raised the most money in the analyzed period are:

Product Design.

Tabletop Games (board games)

Video Games



Some other interesting questions once we have the previous information are which were the projects that raised the most money by category?. how much did they raise?. here are the answers.

As we can see there are some projects that raise huge amounts of money in specific categories but this does not mean that all the projects in such categories will raise those amounts. that is why we thought important to present what is the average amount a project could raise per category.

The above graph shows us that once we sort the categories by the average amount that was raised by category the ranking changes. the top 5 categories per average amount raised are:

3D Printing.

Camera Equipment.


Gaming Hardware


Something else that it is important to know are the states of the projects meaning how many of them raised the amount they requested. how many were canceled. failed etc….

According to the above image more than 52% of the projects fail to raise the amount of money requested and just 35% are successful.
Are there categories where the failure rate is bigger? Or the success rate?. the following graph will answer those questions:

The category with the most failed projects is the Film and video category but paradoxically enough it is as well the category with the biggest number of successful projects.
Which categories have the backers willing to pay the most money? Here is the answer:

The backers with the highest average are the technology category followed by the Fim and Video.
Something that it is important to know is how much money was asked in the successful projects and how much money was given by the packers of the successful projects?. here are the answers:

The successful projects on average where the ones who requested the least amount of money and in those projects the backers gave the biggest average donation/investments per backer.
I made this analysis to find new opportunities to monetize the platform and something that I found quite interesting is that most of the IM “classic” opportunities are the ones that have the highest failure rate:

This is another part of my series of analysis called “Secrets about (something)....” the previous threads are:
If you have any questions feel free to ask them and I will be happy to answer them. share the data or go beyond what I have done if there is some interest in it.

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