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Hey guys. title pretty much sums it up but let me explain. I39.ve started a POD shopify store for a specific niche. At this point doesn39.t really matter at this point what I say it is.... it39.s in the zodiac sign/horoscope niche with t-shirts/hoodies. Without showing the design of the shirts we39.ve gotten organic feedback on it and the website. They say both are fine. It39.s the facebook ads part that is leading to 0 sales via facebook. and I39.m thinking it might be the interests.
I39.ve tried the interests I can think of. Trying to target people that like horoscopes/zodiacs. Trying to target people that like certain apparel brands (ie Hot Topic. Hamp.M). and nothing is yielding results. I39.m doing conversion ads for purchases. and would like to know if anyone can point me in the right direction if interests that should bring in ROI. Anything would be helpful. as I am truly stuck. Thank you in advance!

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