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this how I got more than a 75k emails in one week maybe someone can make some money with it I got those emails but they don39.t make me any money so I gave up on this method
I sent them some emails the open rate was about 15% but the click rate less than 3% no conversion
you don39.t need any software or anything like that all that you need is just a chrome extension and some time ok let39.s jump to the method
1) download this extension on chrome - just search google for Email Extractor
2) open your facebook on your pc and type those words quot.your email comment quot. without the quote marks plus your niche keyword
example if want search for people looking for jobs I type: your email comment job
3)choose public posts filter results by date or any filters you want and scroll down to load more posts
4) choose posts with a lot of comments. click on view comments and choose show all top comments without filter
5) keep clicking on show previews comments or show more comments to load more comments
6) copy your emails from email extractor extension and paste it into any text editor
ok that39.s it guys I hope this can help someone you will be surprised how many people put their emails in comments I found one post with more than 12k comments most of them are emails
*Mod Edit: Took out the bit.ly link

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