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I found a niche that has about 10k searches per month (exact numbers selected) and there are only just over 20k competitors (with quotes). So I figure it could be something worth trying. That39.s just the general term without even digging deeper for more specific terms or brand names.
Now I39.m trying to decide which would be better - use Amazon or try to find a dropshipper for it (it39.s clothes). I39.ve never done either. I39.ve read. and it seems. that many people make good money with Amazon.
On the other hand. I39.ve read that it39.s next to impossible because the % is so low... that you have to have massive traffic or dozens of sites with good traffic to make anything at all.
With dropshipping. I admit I39.d be a little worried about the customer always being happy (finding a good dropshipper). And no. I absolutely have no money at all for investing into wholesale and doing it that way.

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